BANGS — Bangs Middle School claimed the East Zone district championship at the Dec. 4 UIL Meet held in Cisco with a record high 1165 points. 

Seventy students from BMS attended this UIL meet.

Each grade level participated in 16 events, with a total of 48 events entered for all grades.  Multiple students placed in the top six of all 48 events to score a total of 1165 points for the Dragons.

Second place went to Eastland with 799 points.  

 BMS has continued its winning streak by capturing the UIL District Championship title in 10 of the last 12 years.

Students who placed: 

Sixth grade: Amaya Banks, Brooke Freeman, Abby Butler, Carlee Burks, Rex Guerrero, Claire Auldridge, Lathin Langley, Braxton Wommack, Justice Baker, Claire Giles, Karli Gordon, Baylor Gilbreath, Julia Scantling, Cason Tidwell, Jensine Stephens, Clarie Seybert, Gentry Shepard, Ben Perez,and Cloey Petty.

Seventh grade: Lauren Biera, Joey Newton, Noah Castillo, Hunter Crowell, Payton Tilley, Calan Dodson, Jackson Moore, Haydon Bush, Jaylee Valdez, Neeley Bradley, Anahi Lopez, Hayden Miller, Ryan Dickey, Kasey Soliz, Peyton Lorah, Darrell Lance, Jayden Gertenberger, Devean Greaves, Connor Loewrigkeit, Bella Maxfield, Serena Baker, Aubrey Bishop,Holly Harris, Kaylee Jarolim, and Jaydn Miller. 

Eighth grade: Brianna Cantu, Trinity Wilson, Emalee Levens, Martha Campos, Kade Minshew,Weston Scantling, Destiny Calahan, Grayson Loman, Kirsten Poling, Hunter Hudnall, Raylee Hutchins, Emily Baker, Cambree Tidwell, Hannon Greaves, Zan Van Allen, Trey Karnes, Chloe Cunningham, Johnothan Tillery, Noah Pin, and Jame Hamilton.