EARLY — The Early Police Department is pleased to announce it is now an official drop-off location for unused prescription medication. The department was awarded an unused prescription medication disposal bin through the West Central Texas Council of Governments in Abilene which services Brown County.

The council received a grant from the USDA to supply the pharmaceutical collections systems to several agencies including the Early Police Department.

The medication disposal bin is where prescription and over-the- counter medications can be dropped in a receptacle box

for proper disposal.

Needles, medical waste, batteries and illegal drugs are not accepted.

Medications are dropped into a secure lock-box and later sent to a disposal service where medications are incinerated according to DEA destruction standards.

The Early Police Department regularly gets calls from individuals wanting to dispose of either old medications or medications from a deceased family member. By law, a person cannot keep prescription medications prescribed to another person.

Many people try to dispose of the medication by flushing the unused medications into the sewer system.

Because wastewater treatment plants are not designed to remove all of the residual medication even after the water has been treated, this residual medication can end up on streams, rivers, and lakes. It can also be harmful to the environment hurting fish, other aquatic wildlife and wildlife who drink from the water.

Help do your part to keep the water source cleaner and safer by disposing of your medication properly. 

The medication disposal box is available for public to drop off medications during regular business hours Monday –

Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Early Police Department, 960 Early Blvd. in Early.