On Thursday, December 12, Coggin Intermediate School (CIS) held the Girls Intramural Volleyball Championships. “The whole sixth grade gathered around the gym to watch,” said CIS Physical Education teacher and coach, Stephenia Phipps. “All players definitely improved throughout the season and showed awesome teamwork.”


Two teams emerged at the top to play in the championship game: The Champions and The Dream Team.


“The first set went to the Dream Team and standout players were Aliyah Berndt and Aniah Hines,” noted Phipps. “The second set was very close the entire time. It came down to the very end and just a couple of points.”


The Dream Team came out victorious after winning the second set. According to Phipps, additional standout players for the game were Brenley Duncan and Ashlyn Soto.


“It was a great season,” stated Phipps. “I look forward to watching them grow as athletes as they enter a new level next year.”




The Champions

Theresa Mendez, Nixon Johnson, Zoe Smith, Morgan Mills, Janiva Fuentes, Payton Messman, Kaylie Valdez, Athziry Garcia, Aniah Hines, Allison Fulton, Iriana Gipson


The Dream Team

Nataly Garcia, Shayla Leonard, Arieseli Hernandez, Gianni Proctor, Anna Daniel, Ashlyn Soto, Gabriella Gonzales, Brenley Duncan, Caitlin McDonough, Kaitlyn Smith, Alivia Waller, Aliyah Berndt


A slideshow featuring additional photos and video from the game can be viewed at https://www.brownwoodisd.org/CIS6thVolleyball.