The Elite defeated the Eliminators 32-30 in the 2019 6th Grade Flag Football Super Bowl game held Thursday, December 12, at Gordon Wood Stadium.


Coggin Intermediate School students, parents, faculty and staff filled the stands for the event, which also featured a performance of the National Anthem by the Coggin Intermediate School (CIS) Choir, a halftime show featuring the BHS Band, and a performance from the fifth- and sixth-grade cheerleaders.




Eliminators won the coin toss and elected to receive. After not moving the ball there was a turnover on downs. On the opening drive for the Elite, Grant Gray connected with Martin Nava on a 20 yard touchdown (TD) pass, making the score 6-0.


The Eliminators quickly answered back with a 15-yard TD run by Aaron Edmonds. Aiden Driskill completed a pass to Camden Cardenas for a successful two-point conversion bringing the score to 8-6.


The Elite came back with a quick score on a 12-yard pass by Grant Gray to Raven Prado.


With the score 12-8 and the Elite on top, the Eliminators marched down the field and scored 6 points with a pass from Aiden Driskill to Tyler Nelson. The score at the half had the Eliminators up 14-12.


The Elite started the second half with a 5-yard TD pass from Grant Gray to Eliuth Valenciano. Gray then passed to Thomas Franqui for a good 2-point conversion. The Elite were on top 20-14.


The Eliminators followed with a drive that ended with a 15-yard pass from Aiden Driskill to Elias Munoz for a touchdown that tied up the score 20-20.


The Elite were disappointed on their next drive with a pass thrown by Grant Gray to Raven Prado that was picked-off by Aiden Driskill. A few plays later Aiden Driskill completed a huge pass to Elias Munoz for 60 yards and a touchdown to take back the lead. Aaron Edmonds picked up the 2-point conversion to make the score 28-20.


With time running out, the Elite came back and tied it up with a Grant Gray pass to Eliuth Valenciano and successful 2-point conversion by Aden Smith. With the score tied 28-28 at the buzzer the game went into overtime.




During overtime, each team takes a turn lining up just outside the end zone for a one-play attempt to score while the other team defends.


The Eliminators won the coin toss for overtime and elected to take the ball. Camden Cardenas scored first on a pass by Aiden Driskill. The then Elite lined up and scored on a pass from Grant Gray to Eliuth Valenciano. With the score still tied, Thomas Franqui picked-off Aiden Driskill’s pass during the Eliminators next attempt.


With a score on their next attempt, The Elite were all set to take the victory. Grant Gray connected on a pass to Raven Prado to end the game 32-30 making the Elite the 2019 6th Grade Flag Football Super Bowl Champions!


“What a game and what a season,” said Coach Brandon Brown. “They all did a great job!”




The Eliminators (Maroon)

Aaron Edmonds #11

Camden Cardenas #84

Hudson Davidson #15

Aiden Driskill #21

Sam Harvey #81

Kyson McGee #64

Elias Munoz #25

Tyler Nelson #32

Peyton Sharp #89

Dwyn Teano #36

Darryl Watkins #82


The Elite (White)

Grant Gray #11

Matias Buitron #25

Thomas Franqui #26

Aviud Gomez #35

Martin Nava #12

Raven Prado #26

Aden Smith #46

Eliuth Valenciano #38

Nico Chacon #35


Coach Brown expressed his thanks to the following individuals for their help making the 2018 6th Grade Flag Football Super Bowl game a success:


Laura Scantling – Announcer

Jerry Don Gleaton – Scoreboard

Charles Musgrove – Media

Craig Younce, Robert Anders, Jesse Spencer from the Pecan Valley Chapter of Football Officials

Fifth- and sixth-grade cheerleaders led by Coach Phipps

Bobby August and Maintenance (Val, Chester, Joey, Ricky, Gus, Carlos, and Doug) for getting the field ready

Fifth- and sixth-grade CIS Choir directed by Mrs. Torres for the performance of the National Anthem

Becky Holcomb and CIS art department for the signs

Brownwood High School Band under the direction of David and Lesley Lambert

Dr. Young, Liesa Land, Dr. Martinez, Vic Orlando, Stacy Loftin, Ann Fowler, Jake Senkirk, Richard Sweeney, and Mitch Moore for their support

Maria Lara and our BISD Transportation Dept. (All Aboard)

Coach Sammy Burnett and our Brownwood High School Athletic Department for the use of Gordon Wood Stadium

Parents and families of ALL of our student athletes for their support


Photo and video highlights from the game are viewable at: