Brown County Home Solutions has “made great progress” in renovating the former Avenue D Baptist Church into an inclement weather shelter for the homeless, which the organization’s director hopes to see opened in January.

“I just need people to help,” executive director Linda Heitman said. “If I can get a group of 20 people for half a day or a whole day, I think I could get most of these (remaining) projects knocked out.

“My biggest need right now is people — volunteers.”

Heitman listed recent accomplishments including:

• Fire alarm system is installed and has been inspected and approved by the fire marshal.

• Emergency lights are in.

• The emergency landing and staircase was delivered. Heart of Texas Mechanical works installed the staircase and worked Thursday on finishing touches.

• Water is on.

• Gas is on. “We have heat. We have lights,” Heitman said.

• Early Glass is replacing broken windows.

Projects still to be completed include:

• “The floors need to be repaired upstairs so I need some carpenters to repair the floors,” Heitman said.

• “I have some electrical work that needs to be done, and then I’m ready to turn it over the the sponsors to get the rooms ready. We’re really close.”

Heitman said earlier the shelter will have a capacity of 16. Men will be welcome as long as they are part of a family unit. Single men will be sent to New Beginnings church.