As we dance our way into a New Year, the Bulletin talked with Karey Morelock of KG Dance Studio. Born and raised in Brownwood, Morelock grew up dancing in the very studio she later would own with her husband Daniel and daughter Stefenia Phipps.

From a little girl until graduating high school, Morelock danced her way through life with teacher Mrs. Estal Smith and instructor Judy Moore. The Brown County Pecan Queen at the time stole the heart of husband Daniel and they were later married. Daniel joined the military where he’d end up serving in the most decorated Battalion and together they traveled the world, where Karey opened dance studios at every base with the youth development program offered by the Army, while taking lessons learning under some of the best dance teachers overseas.

After Karey’s husband retired from the military, their family settled in Ballinger teaching dance for 17 years. Later, the couple made the decision to come home to Brownwood and KG where it all started.

“Everything was the exact same when we stepped back into the studio, the smell, and everything,” Stefania Phipps said of the family’s return to KG.

With a degree in Childhood Education, both Karey and daughter Stefenia became PE teachers here in Brownwood while teaching dance at KG. When asked what is it about dance that has kept Karey’s attention for so long, “Dance brings me freedom. It can provide confidence for children to get up and perform while offering discipline, great posture, and rhythm,” she said.

The long time dancer emphasizes making the KG dance and acrobats classes affordable to all children that would like to participate and the studio doesn’t hold auditions in order for the children to participate in recitals.

In teaching classes both Karey and Stefenia believe dance is also an outlet for children to develop and express who they are, what they’re going through and is definitely an experience that can be taken with them on they’re journey through life.

Having three generations of women currently teaching at KG, as Stefenia’s daughter Morgan now helps with the big/little program, dance has come full circle and has proven to be a great success for the Morelock family.

“And an amazing journey thus far,” Karey said.