ZEPHYR — In the Zephyr High School ag shop, freshman Asia Dorman said she chose to participate in ag mechanics because she wanted “something fun to do.”

Another freshman girl, Abby Moody, said she joined ag mechanics for “just doing a new thing, trying to see what all we could do.”

Asia and Abby are among four freshmen girls who built a Santa Fe barbecue cooker, which they will take to the ag mechanics competition at the Brown County Youth Fair. The other girls are Riley Lucier and Halle Kern.

Zephyr’s ag mechanics participants have built several other projects in addition to the barbecue cooker, including a livestock feeder called a creep feeder built by freshman Korey Mayes.

The fair starts at 3 p.m. Sunday with appearance judging and fashion show practice in the Home Economics Division, and ends the following Saturday with the Premium Sale and crowning of the youth fair queen.

Judging for the ag mechanics projects from Zephyr and other school districts will be Tuesday afternoon.

Thursday afternoon, with classes still out for Christmas break, preparations for the youth fair were ongoing in Zephyr and other Brown County school districts.

In the Zephyr ag barn, ag teacher Derek Ahearn and ag parent Brittney Glosson worked together shearing sheep. Glosson has two sons, fifth-grader Ryan and third-grader Wyatt, who will show sheep at the fair.

“All the kids are gearing up for it, and even though we’ve been on Christmas beak, they’ve been up here almost every day except for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day,” Zephyr superintendent Stanton Marwitz said. “They put a lot of time into it, a lot of effort, even though we’ve been out of school.

Marwitz said the ag mechanics student were working Thursday to finish the “books” on their projects.

“Once they get the project done, they’ve got to put a book together,” Marwitz said. “The book has to show pictures of them doing stuff. It’s got to show how much they spent on it.

“The judges will come by and they’ll look at product and they’ll talk to them about it. They’ll say ‘how much did you spend on it … what was the hardest part about it.’ They’ll have pictures documenting what they did. They’ll have (Material Safety Data) sheets to show if there was stuff that was toxic and things like that.”

Asia and Abby said the girls started working on the Santa Fe cooker the third or fourth week of school and finished it the day before the Christmas break.

“The teacher and kids have put in a lot of time, put in a lot of effort and I think they’re going to put out some products we can really be proud of,” Marwitz said. “I’m proud of the kids, proud of what the sponsors have done for them, (and) parents have helped out.”