The first ribbons of the 2020 Brown County Youth Fair were distributed Monday evening during the Fashion Show, where the third annual Princess and Junior Miss were crowned as well.

Hutsyn Hohertz was announced as this year's Brown County Youth Fair Princess, while the Junior Miss honor belonged to Hannah Deen. Also competing for Princess were Mattie Stanley, Cyndea Wilson, and Jalynn Gotcher, while additional Junior Miss candidates were Gentry Shepard, and Aisy McCleery.

Queen candidates Kimberly Diaz, Rylah Morgan, Emma Connelly, and Mackenzie Traweek also took part in the Fashion Show, as 2019 Queen Nevie Lord, 2019 Junior Miss Rylie Guerrero, and 2019 Princess Cate Smith, along with each of this year's Princess and Junior Miss candidates. The Brown County Youth Fair Queen will be revealed during Saturday's Premium Sale, which begins at 3 p.m.

The Fashion Show, which is divided into three age groups, presented top model awards to Rylah Morgan in the senior division, Taylor Simpson in the intermediate division, and Hohertz in the junior division.

Juniors are made up of students in grades 3-5, intermediates consist of students in grades 6-8, and seniors are high school-aged students.

Each division also revealed its grand champions and reserve grand champions, which were selected from the winners of each individual category.

For the senior division, Kayleah Hall was grand champion while Lillie Brandstetter was reserve grand champion. Intermediate grand champion was Henslie Hohertz of Early while reserve grand champion went to Deen. And junior grand champion was earned by Hutsyn Hohertz while Gotcher was reserve grand champion.

Category winners are as follows:

• Senior two-piece active wear: 1. Lillie Brandstetter, 2. Kimberly Diaz

• Junior retro wear: 1. Hutsyn Hohertz, 2. Cate Smith

• Intermediate retro wear: 1. Taylor Simpson, 2. Peyton Cockerham

• Junior casual dress: 1. Jalynn Gotcher

• Senior casual dress: 1. Lillie Brandstetter, 2. Rylah Morgan

• Junior lounge wear: 1. Hudson Deen

• Senior retro wear: 1. Allison Leach

• Intermediate lounge wear: 1. Taylor Simpson, 2. Hannah Deen, 3. Cate Smith, 4. Sarah Stubblefield

• Intermediate casual romper 1. Peyton Cockerham

• Junior casual jacket: 1. Hutsyn Hohertz

• Junior skirt: 1. Jalynn Gotcher

• Senior lounge wear: 1. Rylah Morgan, 2. Allison Leach, 3. Kimberly Diaz

• Intermediate casual jacket: 1. Cate Smith, 2. Taylor Simpson

• Intermediate trashin' fashion: 1. Peyton Cockerham

• Intermediate dressy dress: 1. Henslie Hohertz, 2. Aubrey Bishop

• Junior specialty outfit: 1. Jalynn Gotcher

• Senior apron: 1. Rylah Morgan, 2. Allison Leach, 3. Emma Connelly

• Intermediate apron: 1. Madison Moseley

• Intermediate casual dress: 1. Hannah Deen, 2. Cate Smith, 3. Peyton Cockerham, 4. Aubrey Bishop

• Senior formal wear: 1. Kayleah Hall, 2. Lillie Brandstetter, 3. Rylah Morgan, 4. Kimberly Diaz, 5. Allison Leach