Jeremy Serna — owner of Painting with Friends, located at 308 Fisk Avenue in Brownwood — provided the Bulletin with a preview of his Advanced Acrylic Painting Class, with the next scheduled for 2 p.m. Sunday.

Tickets can be purchased online for $30 and are $35 at the door. Visit to buy tickets online.

Serna stressed not being afraid to take an advanced class. The class is advanced because of the medians used with color pallets, but the advanced class is about freeing oneself to paint, its fun. 

 “Advanced Acrylic offers the painter a chance to escape the atmosphere of painting an exact picture from sight to painting from the mind, feelings, and imagination,” Serna said. “The class actually starts their painting with scribble marks.”

While the beginner paint parties and classes complete paintings that are simpler, Serna said, the finished works are paintings that can be painted in two to three hours and the attendees can take home something they’re proud of.

Each class is built to spark an interest for people to paint and are all doable, Serna said.