The Brownwood Police Department on Jan. 10 issued a warrant for the arrest of Brady police officer Joshua Carlock on a charge of official oppression due to an alleged incident that occurred on New Year's Day. Carlock, 33, turned himself in the same day the warrant was secured.

 According to information from the Brownwood Police Department, on Jan. 1 at approximately 7:10 p.m. Brownwood police officers were dispatched to a disorderly conduct in the 1100 block of San Benito.

When officers arrived, they met with witnesses to the event. These citizens explained that they were driving to their residence in this area and observed a white male walk from a residence, into the street, and stop a passing vehicle. The male appeared to pull out a gun and point it at the occupants of the vehicle. The citizens watched as the male suspect yelled at the motorist; cursing at them and yelling at them to slow down.

While speaking with the witnesses, they observed the victim vehicle returning to this area and stopping at a residence. The officers approached them and confirmed the information provided.

At the same time, a Brownwood police officer on the southside of town was contacted by a white male who identified himself as a police officer from Brady. The male was identified as 33-year-old Joshua Carlock of Brownwood. Carlock explained his involvement in the incident and identified the weapon he used as a ‘pepper-ball gun’. A report was generated.

The Criminal Investigations Division followed up on the information and secured a warrant for Carlock’s arrest on Jan. 10 for official oppression. Carlock turned himself in to the Brown County Jail that same day and the warrant was served.