Brownwood resident Terry Blevins brought his enthusiasm for mountain biking to the Brownwood City Council Tuesday.

Blevins, with the help of friends, cleared underbrush and created a 1-mile mountain biking trail that winds through the north side of Riverside Park, crossing the existing nature trail, Blevins told council members.

Blevins said he next wants to create a mountain bike trail on the park’s west side that would be two to three miles long.

Blevins said the trail would cross the Adams Branch twice and he hopes to make bridges out of concrete culverts. The culverts won’t impede the water flow but will “keep the trail alive” when it is wet, Blevins told council members.

The trail created on the park’s north side has been well received by the community, Blevins told council members.

“My wife (Lahonda) made a bunch of cute signs to put on the trees here and there,” Blevins said. “It’s a fun trail.”

My intent on the new trail is not to tear down any trees because that defeats the purpose of an extended nature trail,” Blevins said. “Underbrush, however — I’m going to get a lot of that taken out.”

Blevins said it would be necessary to cross paths with disc golf players a couple of times but the intent is to avoid being “intrusive,” Blevins told council members.

City Manager Emily Crawford said to plan on coordinating with the disc golf course and have signage so the golf players are aware of the mountain biking trail.

In other business, council members agreed to award an engineering contract for sidewalk improvements in the Greenleaf/Baker area to BRW Architects.

The city has been awarded a $350,000 Downtown Revitalization Program state grant for public infrastructure, council members were told.

The expected engineering budget is about $60,000, which will be paid from Brownwood Municipal Development District funds as part of the required grant match, council members were told.