Litter is an ongoing problem that can be prevented with a little bit of effort. One way to help prevent litter is to make sure you dispose of your trash using a trash bag. If your trash is bagged, it is less likely to be blown from your garbage can or when your garbage is being picked up. With the winds in Brownwood, by using a trash bag and tying the top when you are disposing it, there should be less accidental litter. This practice will also help keep your trash can clean and free of odors.

It is important that businesses also bag their trash. Loading docks and packaging from merchandise, including food and beverage containers, can create unsightly litter that is easily blown out into the roadway and up against fences. Once it hits the streets and fence lines, it seems to stay there until it is picked up by a group cleaning roadways or until it enters our waterways.

To help battle the ongoing struggle our community has with public litter, Keep Brownwood Beautiful proposes a quick and easy task. Daily, if we all dedicate ourselves to picking up ten pieces of litter each day, Brownwood would look cleaner, more attractive and be a healthier community. You can make it a fun activity to do with your children or even have a competition with friends and family members. Picking up litter is a positive activity and something all of us should be doing daily.

Let Keep Brownwood Beautiful know if you are doing your part by bagging your trash and picking up ten pieces of litter a day by posting your accomplishments on our Facebook page. You can find it by entering Keep Brownwood Beautiful in the search section. We want to hear from you.