Brownwood business owner Erma Hall prevailed in one of her two requests Monday for Brownwood City Council members to approve zoning changes to allow food trailers on her property.

Council members voted 4-1 on first reading Monday to change the zoning at Hall Street and Austin Avenue from two-family residential district to local business district. The ordinance requires three readings before approval is final.

The council voted 3-2 to deny a similar joining change request for property at Almond and Beaver Street. Council members who voted in favor of approval agreed with councilman Larry Mathis’ recommendation to reconsider approving the zoning later after seeing how Hall’s food trailer works out in the other location.

Hall asked council members to override earlier decisions by the Planning and Zoning Board, which voted earlier to deny Hall’s requests for zoning changes.

The board heard comments from citizens before voting 5-2 to deny Hall’s request for the zoning change at Austin and Hall Street, council members were told. Some citizens were in favor of the zoning change and some were against.

Mayor Stephen Haynes, saying he would not vote except to break a tie, went on to say one issue facing a city council in a zoning change request is the possibility that another business owner will own the property later and set up a business the that fits the zoning but does not please residents.

Councilman Draco Miller, who voted against the voting change at the Austin and Hall property, said he did not support having a food trailer in a residential neighborhood.

Mathis, Miller and councilman Walker Willey voted to deny the zoning change at Almond and Beaver. Councilmen H.D. Jones and Ed McMillian voted to approve the zoning change.

“That’s all I’m asking, is to give me a chance,” Hall said after council members approved the zoning change at Austin and Hall. “I will not disappoint you.”