During Monday’s Brown County Commissioners Court meeting Bob Contreras, county grants coordinator, presented a check for $20,628.29 from the Texas Comptroller of Public Accountsto commissioners.

The Commissioners Court applied for this money last August under the Unclaimed Capital Credits program.

Electric cooperatives that have lost contact with a previous

customer sometimes report capital credits to the comptroller’s office as unclaimed property. Texas law allows counties to claim a portion of unclaimed capital credits originating from their county and use them for specific programs.

Contreras explained that Texas Property Code, Section 74.602 limits the expenditure of these funds to these areas: economic development; small or disadvantaged business development; to stimulate county business activity; to promote or advertise the county to attract conventions, visitors and businesses; to improve the extent to which women and minority businesses are awarded county contracts; to support comprehensive literacy programs that benefit county residents; for encouragement, promotion, improvement or application of the arts; or, to support children’s advocacy centers.

The current check is for unclaimed credits from 2018. The county must apply again no later than May to secure unclaimed credits for 2019.

County commissioners are considering how to use 2018 funds and will vote on it in the near future.