On January 24 and 25, sixteen BHS HOSA-Future Health Professionals (HOSA-FHP) students traveled and competed in the Area 5 Spring Leadership Conference in Crowley, Texas. Among those sixteen, six members advanced to the State Competition in Galveston, Texas, on April 1-3.


Students that attended the Spring Leadership Conference included: the team of Yuliana Vargas, Yaritza Villagomez, Sherlyn De La Cruz, and Chris Robinson (Public Health), Tanner Roberts, Victoria Ramos, and Trinity Sessoms (Prepared Speaking), Kayla Stanely (Life Support Skills), Elizabeth Doroteo-Zamora (Extemporaneous Health Poster), Ian Harris (Medical Spelling), Vincent Floyd (Physical Therapy), Lora Briley (Epidemiology), Aishwarya Nigalye (Medical Law and Ethics), James C. Bautista (Pharmacology and Health Care Issues Exam), Sophia Roman (Health Care Issues Exam), and Aishwarya Nigalye and Taylor Pinckney as Area 5 Officer Candidates.


During the conference, James C. Bautista finished his term as the Texas HOSA Area 5 President. However, freshman officer candidates Aishwarya Nigalye and Taylor Pinckney were interviewed, slated, and chosen to serve as the 2020-2021 Area 5 Officers. Nigalye was elected as Vice President, and Pinckney was elected as Reporter. “We can’t wait to serve as Area 5’s new Vice President and Reporter! As officers, we have the opportunity to inspire others to succeed in their endeavors and share the message of HOSA. We will work with our officer team to make Area 5 the best it can be!” said Nigalye. Pinckney agreed. Their election marks the fourth consecutive year that Brownwood HOSA has had Area 5 Officers.


“We look forward to seeing their success in the upcoming year,” stated BHS Health Science teacher and HOSA Advisor, Annalyn Deen.

In the Grand Awards Ceremony, BHS members took home numerous medals:


Public Health: Yuliana Vargas, Yartiza Villagomez, Sherlyn De La Cruz, and Chris Robinson - 6th Place

Prepared Speaking: Tanner Roberts - 4th place, Victoria Ramos - 6th place, Trinity Sessoms - 8th place

Life Supports Skills: Kayla Stanley - 2nd place

Extemporaneous Health Poster: Elizabeth Doroteo-Zamora - 9th place

Medical Spelling: Ian Harris - 8th place

Physical Therapy: Vincent Floyd - 4th place

Epidemiology: Lora Briley - 3rd place

Medical Law and Ethics - Aishwarya Nigalye -2nd place

Pharmacology: James Bautista - 1st place

Health Care Issues Exam: James Bautista and Sophia Roman placed within the Top 10% of finalists.


Those who advanced to the State Leadership Conference included: James Bautista, Lora Briley, Aishwarya Nigalye, Taylor Pinckney, Sophia Roman, and Kayla Stanley. Sierra Jackson and Elizabeth Doroteo-Zamora will also be recognized for HOSA Happenings and the HOSA Service Project, respectively. Additionally, Sierra Jackson, Elizabeth Doroteo-Zamora, Lora Briley, Mackinley Coppic, and James Bautista will also attend the conference to apply for the Theodora Y. Justice Memorial State Scholarship.


“Spring Leadership Conference was a fun and exciting time,” said Valarie Scull, BHS Health Science Educator and new HOSA Advisor. “After watching the students spend so much time and effort preparing for competition, it was very rewarding to see them compete and succeed. My highlight of the conference was having two of my freshman students, Aishwarya and Taylor, get elected as Area officers. I look forward to seeing what all these students will achieve in the future!”


Under the leadership and guidance of HOSA Advisors Deen and Scull, the future of Brownwood HOSA certainly looks bright. “We are proud of every single student that has competed in HOSA this year,” added Deen. “Whether or not they advanced in their competitions, their knowledge, ability, and skills in health science have definitely improved from when they first began.”