Brown County Home Solutions was notified Tuesday morning it has been awarded a $50,000 grant to pay for the construction of its next two tiny home units at Legacy Village.

“I am super, super excited about it. You couldn’t slap the smile off my face today,” Brown County Home Solutions Executive Director Linda Heitman said. “It’s a great day in Brownwood. It’s a great day at Brown County Home Solutions.

Heitman said the grant is from the Galveston-based, family-owned Moody Foundation, which gives millions of dollars away to communities and organizations for community service projects each year.

The grant begins with a proposal for a project. “If they like your proposal, they will invite you to apply for a grant,” Heitman said. “I submitted three proposals, one of each of our programs, and they sent me back an invitation to apply for a grant for the tiny homes.”

The two new tiny homes — which will be housed in a duplex structure — will be units 6 and 7, Heitman said. A tiny home — unit 5 — is currently under construction, which Heitman hopes will be finished by the end of March. Then construction on the new duplex will begin, she said.

Brown County Home Solutions has received an acceptance contract, which board chairman Robert Snyder signed Tuesday, Heitman said. “In about four to six weeks, I will have the money, she said. “And then I have to keep a detailed accounting of how I spend the funds and submit it to them in a report.”

Receiving the grant “definitely speeds up the process,” Heitman said. I’m assured of having all the money that I need to complete the duplex.”

The new duplex will consist of a one-bedroom unit and a two-bedroom unit.

“My goal was to complete three tiny homes this year and I will be able to fulfill that goal, and possibly start of a fourth one,” Heitman said.

Legacy Village, at the corner of Avenue D and Durham, is adjacent to the former Avenue D Baptist Church building, which now houses an inclement weather shelter for the homeless.

Plans are to have a total of 16 tiny homes in Legacy Village by 2023 or sooner.