EARLY — Early High School’s One Act Play team will present scenes from the comedy “Epic Proportions” at 7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 27, in the high school’s Student Activity Center.

There is no admission cost but donations are appreciated.

“Epic Proportions,” by Larry Coen and David Crane, tells the story of two brothers named Benny and Phil who have gone to the Arizona desert to work as extras in a biblical epic. The epic, called “Exuent Omnes,” is directed by the reclusive D.W. DeWitt. The film’s 3,400 extras are supervised by Louise Goldman. One brother ends up as the film’s director, and one ends up in the starring role.

Both brothers fall in love with Louise, leading to a sibling rivalry.

Cast and crew will perform the play at district contest on March 3.

“This marks the last one act play for many of my students, since they are off to new and exciting adventures after

graduation,” Early High School theatre director Amber Jones said. “It’s definitely sweet sorrow for me. Even so, the cast and crew are very excited for one act play contest.

“Comedy is very difficult, but the kids are hilarious. We hope everyone can come out and watch our final performance before contest next week.”

The semester has brought challenges and trials including illness and other struggles, but “anything worth doing is worth facing the giants with our slingshots bravely,” Jones wrote in the play’s director’s notes.

“When I asked these students what message we want to leave the audience with, they had some very sincere answers.”