The Woman’s Club of Brownwood is accepting applications from charitable and non-profit organizations for funding.

The deadline for turning in applications is March 27 and the funds will be distributed at the May 19 Woman’s Club luncheon meeting at the Brownwood Country Club.

Organized in 1973, the Woman’s Club of Brownwood has been steadfast to its motto, which is “United in friendship, inspired by need.” The club is a non-profit organization of approximately 100 members, founded for the purpose of stimulation members’ interests in artistic, literary and religious fields, promotion education and civic welfare throughout the community and participating in philanthropic projects.

Each year members of the club organize a fund raising project and for the past few years the major fund raising activity has been the “Glitz, Glamour and Gals” night out of shopping, food and fellowship. Each member is required to contribute time and to sell tickets to the event. The funds raised are donated back to charitable organizations each year at the May luncheon. The amount of the funds donated is dependent on the amount raised and the number and specifics of the grant applications.

The following are guidelines and considerations for the grant applicants:

• Groups applying must be classified as charitable and/or non-profit

• The major source of income of the applicant should not be from religious or political entities

• The number of people served by the organization

• The organization serves the local area

• The funds would be used in the local area regardless of where the application originates

• If a grant was received during the previous year, explain as specifically as possible how the funds were used

• Time frame in which the funds will be used

Organizations may request applications by contacting Marie Reed at 281-787-0781 or Applications by mail should be sent to Marie Reed, 212 A Wills Way, Early, TX 76802.