Ever noticed the Camp Bowie bridges in the Camp Bowie area? If you have not, you have missed a piece of Brownwood history. These bridges were built after the start of WWII. They are located all over Camp Bowie and serve a reminder of the struggle and sacrifice our country made to keep our country free. They were well constructed and have stood the test of time. When I look at them, I wonder who the people were that constructed them, and marvel at the quality of construction.

In recent times, several larger bridges around the Brownwood Middle School have been damaged by the weather and by car accidents. Two larger bridges are located on Stephen F. Austin Drive, one at the corner of Stephen F. Austin and Indian Creek (in the City limits), and the other at Calvert Road and Stephen F. Austin (in the County). A third bridge is located at Calvert and Morris Sheppard. Quite frankly, they had become an eye sore and were in need of repair. All three are surrounding the Brownwood Middle School.

Thanks to the dedicated leadership and supervisory efforts of Travis Pierce, Engineering Technician V for the City of Brownwood, Sam Solis, contractor for the projects, advisory assistance from David Lundy, City Engineer, and their staff, these bridges are now repaired and look like the originals. Next time you are out and about in the Brownwood Middle School area, admire these bridges, marvel at the excellent work that was done, and be proud to live in a town like Brownwood that remembers the past and keeps the city looking good! I

When you see Travis, David, or Sam, tell them thank you for preserving our history. If you stop by City Hall, thank their staff for their work on this project.



Dave and Mary Beth Olhausen