Brownwood ISD (BISD) held its annual Gifted and Talented (GT) Showcase on Monday, Feb. 24 at BISD Central Support Center. 

The fourth annual GT Showcase featured projects of the first- through sixth-grade students. This year's theme was Mission Possible.

BISD employs multiple teachers who engage directly with students in the GT program. Mrs. Amy K. Adams works with the kindergarten through third-grade students, and Mrs. Angela Fabbiani works with the fourth- through sixth-grade students. Students began working on their projects as early as November, and the showcase gives the students’ families and the community a chance to see their innovative projects and research together in one place.


“The GT Showcase is an opportunity for us to display the creative ways that our GT students interpret a project,” explained Mrs. Fabbiani.


The program uses the Texas Performance Standards Project as a guide for the projects and ideas from other competition-type problem-solving curriculum. The students do complex research, which allows for multiple perspectives, critical thinking, and creativity. 


The goal for the student’s project is to begin the process of completing a product independently. As students get older, their products require more complex research, deeper understanding, and more elaborate writing—to take that product from creative idea to trailblazing presentation.


Projects displayed at the GT Showcase contained product details and presentation items that included 3D models, dioramas, science experiments, packages, brochures, newsletters, slideshows, flyers, public service announcements, iMovies, a few commercials, and a lot of writing.


“Every year, students amaze me with their unique ideas,” said Mrs. Fabbiani.