Alex Minchey is a senior at Brownwood High School (BHS) who will be pursuing an undergraduate degree in Music Education this coming fall. 


Minchey received the highest rating of "one" on his Class 1 Solo and Class 1 Ensemble in the recent UIL Vocal Solo and Ensemble Contest. He will be attending State UIL Vocal Solo and Ensemble in late May.

Until this year, Minchey planned on becoming a mechanic after high school. After participating in the BHS Choir, he decided to change the direction of his future.


"I thought I would make income being a mechanic and just have music on the side," said Minchey.


This year, BHS offered AP Music Theory for the first time. Minchey was excited to take this class due to his continued interest in music. Needing to fill his schedule, he decided to enroll in the men's choir.


Minchey has been passionate about music since he was in elementary school. His music teacher, Mr. Wallace, was a huge inspiration for him. Minchey's fourth-grade music teacher, Mr. Potter, continued the trend and sparked more interest with his passion for music and an introduction to playing guitar. 


It was because of these music teachers and their influence on Minchey's life that he decided to join band in sixth grade.


"I love that he brags on his elementary teachers because that shows how important it is to have an elementary music teacher give a strong foundation," said Mrs. Reeves, BHS Choir Director.


Music has since been a reoccurring element in Minchey's life as he played in the BHS band until his junior year, sang in his church's choir, and had a lead role in his church's Christmas program. 


"He was already musically talented from band and his music foundation with his elementary school teachers," noted Reeves. "When he started in AP Music Theory class, I saw his passion and talent, so I asked him, 'why aren't you in choir', and he said, 'I never really thought about it'."


Mrs. Reeves encouraged Minchey to pursue music, and now he is looking forward to college more than ever before.


"I am excited about pursuing music education," said Minchey. "I have always been interested in music, and now I have an outlet that comes naturally to me."