When Teddy’s Brewhaus opened in downtown Brownwood in late October, owner Jeff Tucker never thought the brewery and restaurant would one day be making hand sanitizer.

With COVID-19 causing runs on products including hand sanitizer, Tucker and master brewer Wes Kearney have announced they’re using the equipment and vessels in the brewery to make hand sanitizer for organizations and individuals.

In a Teddy’s Brewhaus Facebook post, Tucker stated:

“Teddy's will have things set up for next Monday March 30 to begin local pick up and delivery, or shipping as needed. We've begun producing hand sanitizer and will be working throughout the weekend on the first 1,000 gallons. We are taking orders now for those in need and basically small to large batches for purchase. Call 817-944-5763 for set ups on orders and direct sales and need. This is a medical grade product, label shows ingredients and potency. Standard is 62 percent alcohol and Teddy's hand sanitizer will be 70 percent and most effective. Cost of the product is $45 per gallon. We have limited supply of small 8 ounce and 12 ounce vessels but plenty of 1 gallon containers with pump handles for easy dispensing. Our pricing is based off what it did retail for prior to COVID-19 arriving to our shores. If you do have a vessel we can fill those as well.”

Tucker said he and Kearney learned about other brewers and distillers who are making hand sanitizers. “We thought, well, why not?” Tucker said.

Kearney said they culled recipes and ideas from other sources and learned they could “basically (make) our own sanitizer from commodities that we can source locally.”

Tucker said Teddy’s earlier had asked on social media if there was a need for hand sanitizer.

“I wasn’t really sure what the supply chain’s been,” Tucker said. “Turns out there’s a big need locally. If we can make it in-house for everybody, we’re just going to do it. We use the equipment for sanitation. We’ve also got in-house sanitation components. We’ve got our own supply of glycol.

“The recipe’s simple. The problem is just the supply chain right now. We’ve got inroads to a couple of things on the supply chain. We’re just going to use the equipment where we need to sterilize and we can get water up to temp way easy. So we can get everything in the container sterilized and make the mix and go.”

Tucker said when he first inquired about the need for hand sanitizer, he initially thought the brewery would make about 50 gallons.

“It’s turned out that there’s a big need,” Tucker said. “I didn’t think hospitals. I didn’t think about the local nursing homes. I didn’t think about first responders.”

Teddy’s has ordered containers ranging in size from 55-gallon barrels for larger orders to bottles that hold a few ounces.

“Everybody needs to keep their vessels,” Tucker said. “Keep all your containers, because if they bring by an empty container we can refill it. If not, then we’ve got to charge them for the containers that we have.”

Tucker said he wants to set up an online ordering component, and is considering making home deliveries. “Or let people come by for curbside service,” Tucker said. “We never in our lives ever thought when we opened this that we’d be making hand sanitizer."