A fifth and later sixth positive case of COVID-19 were discovered in Brown County Saturday. The first was revealed in a 6 p.m. press release, while the second was announced in a 10:20 p.m. press release.

With three additional cases since Thursday, the Brown County total doubled in three days after going a full week since the third case was discovered.

The press release also stated two people who were suffering from COVID-19 have recovered.

According to the second press release Saturday:

On April 4, the Brownwood/Brown County Health Department received an additional positive case result making a total of six COVID-19 cases in Brown County.

The sixth confirmed case was received at 9:30 pm. The patient is female in her 60s who is currently hospitalized at Hendrick Medical Center in Abilene, where she was tested.

The patient is a resident of a nursing home in Brownwood. The nursing home is contacting family members of the other residents. The Health Department will be working with the nursing home to complete a full investigation.

The earlier press release Saturday said:

On April 4, the Brownwood/Brown County Health Department received nine negative test results and one positive result, making a total of five COVID-19 cases in Brown County.

The fifth confirmed case is a male in his 60s. The investigation is currently underway. The individual is not a public or retail sector employee, and has had limited interaction in the community for the past several days. The epidemiologist at the Health Department will complete the investigation, and if there is known public exposure, that information will be released.

As of 10:20 p.m. Saturday, April 4 totals for COVID-19 testing in Brown County is as follows:

• 86 Tested

• 74 Negative

• 6 Pending (have not received results)

• 6 Positive Cases

• 2 Recovered

• 0 Deaths

Results are updated daily at www.brownwoodtexas.gov/health.