The Memorial Trees Project, taking place at Wiggins Park, is nearing completion. The project, organized by SALSA, consists of 36 trees donated for the park by local Mexican American families.

Raul Garcia, a Brownwood High School graduate and long-time Brownwood resident said, “Local Mexican Americans are committed to making improvements in Brownwood, working closely with city, county and school officials. This is just the first step in a series of projects we intend to undertake to restore the sense of community and pride in being actively involved in the life and work of Brownwood society.

“SALSA intends to be a catalyst for social change promoting community investment, civic engagement, cultural awareness, and leadership development. We will use this series of community improvement projects to cultivate a new generation of Mexican American leaders committed to preserving our culture and promoting diversity and inclusion."

City Manager Emily Crawford said, “We are thankful that SALSA is taking the initiative to enhance Wiggins Park. It is a wonderful example of residents and the city joining together to make a positive impact on our community.”

SALSA is tentatively planning to host a Memorial Trees dedication ceremony at Wiggins Park on May 22, COVID-19 conditions and government policies permitting.