The City of Brownwood on Saturday released its latest information regarding COVID-19 cases in Brown County, as the number increased to 13.

The press release is as follows:

On Saturday, April 16 the Brownwood/Brown County Health Department received a total of two negative test results and one positive result, making a total of 13 COVID-19 cases in Brown County.

Case number 13 is a woman in her 30s and an employee of the same nursing home in Brownwood as cases six through 11. The patient is not hospitalized, neither are cases seven through 12.

COVID-19 numbers for Brown County, provided by the Brownwood/Brown County Health Department, as of 5 p.m. Saturday are:

• 170 Tested

• 155 Negative

• 13 Positive

• 7 Recovered

• 2 Pending

• 1 Death