Join us next week for a couple of FREE workshops. They will be live and interactive…So ask questions and have them answered on the spt. We will also be giving out prizes but you must join us LIVE to be eligible.

• Workshop #1 - Record Book Training

Wednesday April 29 at 2 p.m. – Learn how to put your book together

Presented by Garry Branham, D-7 4-H Specialist

• Workshop #2 – Livestock Selection

Thursday April 30 at 2 p.m. - Learn what to look for when selecting your show livestock

Presented by Conner Newsome, SPC Livestock Judging Coach

Information on joining workshop:

You must preregister by April 28, 2 p.m. send an email to

Include: Your name & workshop name (can register for both with same email). Email will be sent with workshop link and instructions after registration


With seniors not receiving the full recognition due to COVID-19 outbreak, Brown County 4-H would like to spotlight graduating 4-H seniors. YOU MUST BE CURRENTLY ENROLLED IN THE 2019-2020 4-H YEAR. If you would like for us to spotlight you on Facebook and the newsletter follow the link below to fill out the form We would like for you to start submitting your forms by April 22. The final deadline to submit your form will be May 5.

For more information contact Nick Gonzales at the Extension Office.


The 4-H checks for the Brown County Youth Fair are available for you to pick up at the Brown County Extension Office.  A thank you letter should be written to each buyer who contributed towards your project. Make sure that it is stamped and addressed as you will be responsible to mail these letters off.

Due to COVID-19 we are restricting face to face contact; therefore, we will have our drive through window available for check pick up. The window will be open from 8:30 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4:30 p.m. The drive-up window is located on the east side of the building (where Misty usually parks her vehicle) and the gates will be open so you can drive through and exit on Brown Street. Thank you for working with us during this time, as we are trying to make it as convenient as possible but still allowing everyone to remain safe.


Validation is required for showing at district or state horse shows, and its purpose is to certify that ownership requirements have been met. The horse MUST be owned solely by the 4-H member, his/her parents (biological or stepparents), brother, sister, grandparents, or legal guardian. Horses under lease to, but not owned by any of the named persons, do NOT qualify. Horses owned in partnership or jointly with any person other than those previously listed do NOT meet ownership requirements. The horse validation process will be completed electronically using the 4-H Connect online management system.

All 4-H members who wish to show at the District Show or the State 4-H Horse Show will be REQUIRED to validate their horse(s) on the 4-H Connect system. Horse validation is completed for EACH HORSE and will cover all 4-H youth members in that family profile. When validating your horse(s) on 4-H Connect, you will select ONLY ONE 4-H youth member to conduct the validation under. Once a horse is validated, validation paid, and you begin registering for the District Horse Show, the validated horse(s) can be moved to the appropriate 4-H member(s) that will be exhibiting the horse in the show.

Validation will be open from March 1 to May 1. Any horse validated before or after this date will NOT be accepted. An illustrated step-by-step instruction guide for families is available for download and reference on both the Texas 4-H website ( and the Texas A&M University Department of Animal Science – Equine Science website ( Validation cost for each horse is $10 from March 1 – April 15. From April 16 – May 1 validation cost for each horse is $20. Credit card will be the only acceptable form of payment. If you have any questions, please contact Nick Gonzales at the Extension Office.

The 2020 district horse show will be held in San Angelo on June 16.


The Healthy Texas Youth Ambassador Program is looking for teens that are motivated, excited, and ready to make a change in their community! This program is designed for high school age youth who have a passion for health and wellness. These youth will be trained at the regional level to become youth health experts who can motivate others to make a change in their lifestyle to improve their health. More importantly, these ambassadors will assist local county extension agents with program efforts, project activities, and much more!

Who’s Eligible? Youth do not have to be current 4-H members, but must be willing to join 4-H.

Eligibility requirements include:

• Be in at least the 9th grade at beginning of the 2020-2021 school year

• Submit completed application to the local county extension office by May 1, 2020

• Have an interest and passion to serve others in the area of health education which includes nutrition, physical activity, passenger safety, and safe environments!

What does the program entail? After youth are accepted to the local program, they must fulfill the following obligations:

• Complete and report 40* hours of leadership, program efforts, or community service annually. This is a reduction in previous hours to be consistent with other ambassador programs.

• Attend a Regional Healthy Texas Youth Ambassador Summit in a location nearest to them.

• Attend face-to-face and online trainings

• Remain academically eligible.

• Must agree to the obligations and requirements outlined in the HT Youth Ambassador Handbook.

• Ambassadorship is a 12-month commitment, beginning June 2020. Ambassadors who fulfill the minimum (40) hours of service will be invited to reapply for the following year. New and returning ambassadors MUST complete a new application annually.

• To meet all commitments for which the Ambassador volunteers and to complete those commitments with excellence.

What is the cost? Currently, there is no application fee for this program; however, selected ambassadors will be required to pay the estimated registration fee of $75-$100 for the regional Healthy Texas Youth Ambassador Summit.

Deadline to apply is May 1. For more information contact the Extension Office.