Public education is positioned to come out of this crisis more robust than it entered, Brownwood school superintendent Dr. Joe Young said.

“We had a sound system,” Young said. “It worked for a majority of students, and we worked daily to reach all of them. However, it could improve.

“We are learning about the high leverage areas that make a difference in instruction and emphasizing those. We are learning which pieces can be modified and built upon to create a more comprehensive system. We will be stronger in the years ahead.”

Online and off-campus instruction for Brownwood has been sporadic in regards to success, Young said.

“This deficiency is not because of a lack of effort but because of the short-term use of these methods,” Young said. “We have been set up for teachers and students to come to our campuses consistently. When this doesn’t happen, it takes some changes.

“Anytime there is change, you get some parts right, and some need further modification. We are learning what those areas are. Our parents, teachers, and students have all done a remarkable job adjusting during this shift.”

Young said he expects online and off-campus instruction to be “a more significant part of our educational services moving forward.

“I anticipate returning to our campuses, but there will be those who benefit from alternate arrangements,” Young said. “The percentage of students utilizing these services and the amount of time required are still unknown. We will be prepared for a spectrum of scenarios.”

Schedule of events for Brownwood High School is:

May 29 — Virtual video will still air at 7:00 pm (

Parade for graduating seniors

Date: June 5

Start time: 4:30 p.m.

Each senior and their immediate family are invited to decorate their car and participate in the parade. This will be a parade for automobiles only (Trucks/cars/SUV). Floats, trailers, animals, farm tractors, or UTV/ATV’s will not be allowed.

Start location: Washington Street, which is the street between the Santa Fe railroad yard and the huge grain bins behind the Depot Museum. This is also the location where the cars will start lining up at 3:30

Ending Location: Brownwood Coliseum

Graduation ceremony

Date: June 5

Time: 8:15 p.m.

Location: Gordon Wood Stadium

Early High School graduation graduation is scheduled for 8 p.m. May 29 at Longhorn Stadium.

It is not open to the public, and a ticket is required for attendance. Social distancing guidelines will be followed.