Speaking over the cacophony of street paving equipment in operation, Dewey Grider had no words to explain how he makes his job look easy.

Grider, a 51-year-old Early resident, worked at several tasks as the company he owns, Grider Paving, with a crew of workers paved a parking lot at Midtown Church, and later paved a driveway a few blocks down the street.

"I don’t know. Some people have the talent, I guess," Grider said modestly. "It just comes easy for me. I can’t explain it."

Grider has done this type of work since graduating from Early High School in 1987. Grider worked for the company he once owned when it was the Prater company for 25 years. The owners retired, and Grider bought the company in March.

"I just have always been fascinated with this equipment," Grider said.

He said it had been his goal to own a company.

Grider said he enjoys his job — "every day."

"We were doing TxDOT work, but since we started doing private work, we’ve been doing four or five places a week," Grider said.

While it helps to have experience, a person can go to work for a company such as Grider’s with no experience and learn on the job, Grider said.

"This guy that’s on the roller started with me 12 years ago," Grider said. "He didn’t know anything and now he’s doing pretty good. He learned a lot."

Grider said he takes pride in seeing a finished job.

"It was a mess before we started," Grider said of the driveway he and his crew had just finished paving. "She said she had called multiple people and nobody would even come look at it."

Grider said his wife, Kayla, takes care of the office. "If it wasn’t for Kayla, my better half, I wouldn’t be able to do it," Grider said. "Without family there’s no way to do it."