City of Early voters, who wish to “vote early” may do so weekdays, during normal business hours, until next Tuesday at the City of Early administration building.

The local election is to choose two city council members from a pool of four. The four are, in ballot order, David Gray, Norman E. Reich, Janice Bush and Oscar Hurtado. No contested races developed for Early Mayor Bob Mangrum, or for incumbents serving on the board of the Early Independent School District.

Voters may vote for one, none or two candidates in the council race said Brown County Elections Administration Suzy Young. Also, voters will be able to cast ballots on a constitutional amendment. Earlier, during the current session, the Texas Legislature ordered a constitutional amendment election to see if voters will extend to senior citizens and the disabled the public school homestead ad valorem tax limits granted to other property owners last year.

While two ballots will be issued — one for the state and one for the city — all early voting will be held in the city office building. City of Early voters who choose to vote on election day, May 12, will cast ballots at the Early Lions Club building located on the Zephyr highway. Again, two ballots will be issued, but there is only one polling place.

Young said throughout the county, as well as the state, early voters may face some delays because of a statewide voter database glitch.

“Basically, the system is extremely slow,” Young said, “and many newly registered voters aren’t on the lists. We will do what we can to prevent delays, and we’ll use old lists if we need to. We’re going to do our best, because I don’t feel it’s right to make voters wait.”

The lists generated by the system are used by election judges to determine who is eligible to vote, and in what ward or precinct.

Voters whose names are not listed may be able to vote provisionally, and their ballots will be counted after their registration is confirmed.