Bulletin Staff Report

The 35th Judicial District Attorney’s Office has been approved for a two-year state grant to pay for a victim assistance coordinator, a person who will work with victims of violent crimes.

District Attorney Micheal Murray said the Texas Attorney General’s Office announced it has awarded his office a grant for $71,751 for the two-year period.

The amount includes salary, benefits, equipment and training.

The position will allow the district attorney’s office the ability to work more closely with victims of crimes and better serve the needs of crime victims, Murray said.

Murray said the position is posted on the Texas District and County Attorneys Association Web site, and he hopes to begin interviewing applicants next week.

Murray said earlier the victim assistance duties are carried out by Natalie Calleros, who has other duties with the 35th District. If the grant is awarded, Murray said, the position would be full time for another person for as long as there were grant funds available.

“That person would be an advocate for the victim,” Murray said earlier. “For instance, if the person has been hospitalized as a result of being the victim of a crime, there are hospital expenses the state is supposed to pay through different funding sources. But that can get complicated to figure out, and the victims assistance coordinator will be able to help.”