A suspected graffiti artist got off with a ticket Sunday, but Brownwood police seized incriminating evidence, and the young man’s car, which could mean more serious consequences for him later in the week.

Avalon Ky Arreazola and Joshua Perez denied using a permanent ink marker to draw on a picnic table at Coggin Park, though Brownwood police officer Chandra Geis noticed a marker “in plain sight” near the two and reported she detected the “odor of ink,” when she stood near enough to question them.

While Geis questioned Arreazola, 19, and Perez, 18, and a female who had joined them, Officer Johnny Jackson circled the park looking for a vehicle the suspects might have been driving. Jackson checked a Mitsubishi Gallant — unlocked and with the windows open — with a Dallas County registration sticker. Lying on the front seat of the car, Jackson wrote in his report, was a “bong.”

Arreazola had told Geis he was from Dallas.

Jackson made arrangements to have the car seized. In the subsequent search, Jackson reported, he also found a black-and-white composition book with drawings that matched those on the picnic table and a Sharpie marker, the same brand and tip size as the marker Geis found near the suspects.

The “bong” had a “usable amount of marijuana in its bowl,” Jackson reported. Other evidence he reported finding included a “butterfly knife,” a prohibited weapon, in the glove compartment of the vehicle, and “drug narcotic equipment including a set of scales” in a rear compartment of the vehicle. On the floor of the Gallant was insulin medication prescribed to Perez.

Arreazola and Perez were cited for destruction of public property. The car was towed and in order to reclaim the vehicle, Arreazola has been instructed to report to Brownwood Police Sgt. Randall Krpoun.