Special to the Bulletin

A ceremony honoring the late Caleb Martin Grady, an early settler in Coleman and Brown counties and a former Texas Ranger, is scheduled for 10 a.m. Saturday at Greenleaf Cemetery.

Ranger Grady’s family will honor him with the placement of the Texas Rangers Memorial Cross at his grave site. The Texas Rangers Memorial Cross is a large mounted “cinco peso” Ranger star, like the badge Texas Rangers wear mounted on a cross. The memorial cross commemorates the service and sacrifice of deceased Texas Rangers.

Former Texas Rangers Foundation and the Former Texas Rangers Association provide the landmark memorial crosses as part of their mission to preserve the history of the Texas Rangers. Mr. Grady’s granddaughter, Patricia K. Egan, and great-granddaughter, Patricia A. Britton, both of San Antonio, will place the cross at the grave site and former Texas Rangers will participate in the ceremony.

Grady was born in Gradyville, Ky., on May 8, 1854, and moved with his family in a wagon train to Texas in 1872. In 1874 his family settled in Brownwood, a town at the time of only 28 log cabins on the Pecan Bayou. In 1875, Grady joined State Rangers Company E under the command of Capt. Jack Maltby. He later served under Lt. B. Foster. His first camp as a Ranger was on Home Creek, at the mouth of Horse Creek. He frequently stood guard on the east point of the Santa Anna Mountains.

After he left Ranger service, in 1877, he married Miss Elizabeth Hughes. He later purchased land in Santa Anna where he and Elizabeth farmed and raised their family of 10 children. He ultimately retired to Brownwood.

Ranger Grady was president of the Ex-Ranger Association in 1940-1941 and died in his Brownwood home in 1949 at the age of 95. At the time of his death he was commander emeritus of the Texas Ex-Ranger Association, now the FTRA.

Membership in the FTRA includes former Texas Rangers and lineal descendants of Texas Rangers. Associate memberships are available to active Texas Rangers and Special Rangers.

The FTRA and FTRF can be reached by mail at P.O. Box 290229, Kerrville, TX, 78029-0229; by phone at (830) 895-2262; by fax at (830) 895-2090; and by e-mail at FTRF@ktc.com.