A bicycle parked outside Skillet’s Restaurant “seemed free” so a man rode off on the 15-speed bike.

On Friday, an employee inside the restaurant watched John Richard Stone ride away on the bike she knew belonged to David McGee and reported the theft, according to a report filed by Brownwood police officer Trey Weathermon. McGee was out of town, but was reached by phone and said the bike did belong to him and it was worth about $150.

The next day, officer Chandra Geis was called to What-A-Burger on a disorderly conduct call, and issued a citation to the man who was wearing the same clothes and fit the description of the man who had taken the bike on Friday. Then, on Sunday, Weathermon was called to McDonald’s for a disorderly conduct call for a man, who was wearing the same clothes and fit the same description.

Stone told Weathermon he had taken the bike on Friday because it “seemed free.” He told Weathermon he had ridden the bike to McDonald’s, but that it had a flat and he couldn’t ride it any more. Weathermon reported he could not locate the bike. Stone is listed in the report as “transient,” with no permanent address.

In other incidents:

• Sheriff’s deputy Kelly Marsh was dispatched to the Brown County Jail to investigate an inmate assault. According to Marsh’s report, an inmate said he was “discussing” an article in the Brownwood Bulletin when another inmate told him not to talk about his “homeboy” that way. The two started wrestling, a fight ensued and both participants were injured.

• Brownwood police officer Brandon Arnold used his Taser to subdue a man who had been involved in a fight Saturday at Day’s Inn, and who continued to be combative and was physically abusive after Arnold tried to question him.

Corey Dwayne Thomas, 24, of Round Rock, was arrested for assault of a public servant. Thomas was released from jail on a $10,000 bond on Sunday.