Gary Butts, who retired as Brownwood’s city manager in March 2005, may not be quite finished working for the city.

Brownwood City Council members will consider approving an agreement Tuesday to hire Butts as a consultant to help prepare the city’s budget for the 2007-’08 fiscal year. Butts will also assist Interim City Manager James Campbell “on management issues as requested” if council members approve the agreement.

The agreement calls for Butts to be paid $50 an hour, with total pay capped at $10,000.

Butts, who worked for the city for more than 26 years, was appointed city manager in 1993. He previously worked for the city as director of finance and deputy city manager.

The council meets at 9 a.m. at City Hall.

The entire agenda follows:

1. Call to order

2. Invocation

3. Items to be withdrawn

4. Introduction, announcements and recognitions

A. Council may recognize KBWD/KOXE for its 33 years of support for the Cherry Pie Auction fund-raiser.

5. Citizen presentations — To comply with provisions of the Open Meetings Act, the City Council may not deliberate on items presented under this agenda item. The citizen may request, or the council direct, the subject matter be formally placed on the next regular council agenda. All presentations may be subject to time limitations.

6. Approval of minutes

A. Minutes of regular meeting of May 22, 2007.

B. Called meeting of June 5, 2007.

7. Claims and accounts.

8. Consent agenda

A. Council may consider on second and third reading an ordinance enacting a new code of ordinances.

B. Council may consider a request for a street closure for a Juneteenth Parade and celebration.

C. Council may approve change order No. 1 to 14th Street and S.F. Austin Drive waterline project.

9. Requests and presentations

A. Council may set the date and time of the regular council meetings.

B. Presentation by Susan Smith, executive director, TML-IEBP, on employee health insurance.

C. Council may consider authorizing the police department to apply for a counter drug technology assessment center grant through the Office of National Drug Control Policy to receive wireless video equipment to be used for drug surveillance.

10. Contracts and agreements

A. Council may consider authorizing the mayor’s signature on a fuel contract with the Department of Defense.

B. Council may consider authoring the mayor’s signature on a contract with First Southwest Asset Management to provide arbitrage rebate services for five years at a base fee of $2,000 per year with other services and fees described in Appendix A of the contract.

C. Council may consider authorizing the mayor’s signature on a sanitation hauling agreement with Kohler, Inc.

D. Council may consider authorizing the mayor’s signature on a contract to sell fill material to Brownwood Marketplace Ltd.

E. Council may consider a contract for consulting services with Gary Butts.

11. Appointments

A. Council may elect a mayor pro-tem.

B. Mayor may appoint council members to standing council committees.

C. Mayor may appoint a council representative to the Brown County Appraisal District.

D. Mayor may appoint two members to the Building and Standards Commission.

12. Bids

A. Council may award a bid for rental of static pipe bursting equipment for replacement of sewer mains.

B. Council may consider awarding a bank depository bid after receiving a recommendation from a city council committee.

13. Reports

14. Executive session.

The City Council may convene into a closed executive session, pursuant to the provisions of the Open Meetings Law, Chapter 551, Govt. Code Vernon’s Texas Codes Annotated, in accordance with the authority contained in the following sections:

Section 551.074 — Consultation with attorney.

A. Council may discuss confirmation of the city manager’s appointment to the position of division director for community services.

B. Discuss the duties and classification of the position of patrol division lieutenant of the police department.

Section 551.088 — Eco-nomic development matters

A. 501 E. Commerce

Section 551.072 — Sale or lease of property

A. 501 E. Commerce

15. Action as a result of executive session

A. The city council may take any other action as a result of the executive session.

16. Adjournment.