Special to the Bulletin

The Girl Scouts Heart of Texas Council has announced the seven women who will be honored at this year’s Women of Distinction luncheon.

They are Bradlee Dodds, Dr. Nancy Jo Humfeld, Evelyn Hutchings, Katy Lord, Priscilla Monson, Kit Timmins and Michelle Wasson.

They will be honored at a luncheon at the Brownwood Country Club on July 17. The public is invited to attend. Tickets for the luncheon may be purchased at the Girl Scout Service Center at 1200 Ave. D, or reserved by calling 646-1516 or (800) 346-3215. Donations may also be made in honor of any or all of these women.

“All girls need examples to follow, and there are so many women in this area who make excellent role models — some of whom serve behind the scenes with little recognition,” Laurel McGuire, member-at-large on the Girl Scout board of directors, said.

“The service these women have provided have benefited a wide variety of organizations and causes,” Jan Cate, Girl Scouts CEO, said. “They have touched the lives of many people simply by saying, ‘I’ll do that.’ They are each a living example of what just one person can do and they impact they can have.

“Even though the title of Woman of Distinction goes to only seven women, the girls of the Heart of Texas Council will ultimately benefit from the examples set by these very special ladies. The Girl Scout organization provides leadership development opportunities for all girls. By investing in their communities, our Women of Distinction have also invested in our youth by showing them what can happen if they will just step forward and take the lead when the opportunity presents itself.”

Kay Martinez, treasurer of the Girl Scout board of directors, said she is always pleased by the response to this event and by the women who have been selected.

“These ladies do so much for our community, and that none of them volunteer so they will be recognized,” Martinez said. “They do it because they can. As the treasurer, I find that most people think that the Girl Scouts are funded by the Girl Scout cookie sale or the United Way.

“I’d like to clarify that we do receive a large portion of our income through our product sales, and we are very proud to be an active part of the United Way. We are limited by our charter as to the amount of the product sales revenue we can spend on funding our budget. We underwrite the cost of all programs in order to make them accessible to all girls. The proceeds of all fund raising activities go to fund the our programs which are available to all girls. The Women of Distinction luncheon is just one way in which the additional funding needed for our program is raised.”

“Who do you think you are? It is a universal question with which every girl coming of age struggles,” Cate said. “The answer encompasses her self-worth, self-image and self-confidence. As a Girl Scout, she is empowered to be true to her individuality and to explore her world fully to lead the kind of life she chooses. Each generation of Girl Scouts becomes leaders in all walks of life.

“So, who do the Girl Scouts think they are? We are the place where 2.6 million girls go to explore and discover their world, connect with others and become leaders who take action to make their world a better place. We defy the cliche, and we are an essential part of girls’ lives.”