The burn ban in effect in Brown County does not specifically address the use of fireworks in unincorporated areas.

But people who set them off to celebrate the new year should use caution to avoid starting a fire and possibly being cited for reckless destruction of property, Brown County Fire Inspector Onie Carroll said.

“There’s no regulation on it, so they need to be careful,” Carroll said. “If they set a fire and so some damage, they may get ticketed.”

Have water handy in case it’s needed to extinguish a fire, Carroll said.

He said Roman candles and rockets are among the most hazardous fireworks in terms of fire danger.

The danger of wildfires in the county is high because of the abundance of grass, Carroll said.

The cities of Brownwood, Bangs and Early prohibit all fireworks within their city limits.

Under Texas law, consumer fireworks may be sold in areas where they are legal between June 24 and July 4 and Dec. 20 and Jan. 1.