Employment figures have remained steady over the summer months, reinforcing the strength of the economy in the area, Brownwood Economic Development Corporation executive director James Campbell said Wednesday.

“The figures are real consistent,” Campbell said. “It’s really pretty stable. That is a reflection that the economy is very strong. We’re very pleased.”

Employment data from the Texas Workforce Commission is prepared for the BEDC board, and its members recently reviewed both the June and July figures.

Jobless rates edged upward marginally in Brown County and most surrounding counties, as the number of people employed dropped slightly. But those figures were almost totally offset by a slight decline in the number of people seeking work, so generally the unemployment rates changed by only about one-tenth of one percent.

Only Eastland and San Saba counties showed jobless rates above the Texas and national rates of 4.8 percent and 4.9 percent, respectively.

In July, Brown County had a 4.5 percent unemployment rate with 18,684 people in the work force and 19,564 in the labor force. That left 880 unemployed. Brown County’s jobless rate in June was 4.4 percent.

Brown County showed 18,743 people employed in June, with 19,612 in the labor force and 869 unemployed.

“We have many job openings, and you can see that by looking in positions open being advertised in the newspaper,” Campbell said. “It’s a good situation.”

July statistics for other area counties follow:

CALLAHAN COUNTY — 4.0 percent, down from June’s 4.1 percent; 7,185 labor force; 6,895 employed; 290 unemployed.

COLEMAN COUNTY — 4.4 percent, up from June’s 4.2 percent; 4,122 labor force; 3,941 employed; 181 unemployed.

COMANCHE COUNTY — 4.5 percent, up from June’s 4.4 percent; 6,511 labor force; 6,218 employed; 293 unemployed.

EASTLAND COUNTY — 5.0 percent, up from June’s 4.9 percent; 8,691 labor force; 8,186 employed; 435 unemployed.

McCULLOCH COUNTY — 4.5 percent, up from June’s 4.3 percent; 3,676 labor force; 3,509 employed; 167 unemployed.

MILLS COUNTY — 4.4 percent, up from June’s 4.3 percent; 2,435 labor force; 2,327 employed; 108 unemployed.

SAN SABA COUNTY — 5.4 percent, down from June’s 5.5 percent; 2,453 labor force; 2,320 employed; 133 unemployed.