Today is officially moving day for Brownwood High School’s administrative offices, but preliminary work has been under way throughout the week. The pace intensified Thursday afternoon.

“I don’t know where Mrs. Williams is right now, but there goes part of her office down the hall,” a caller to the campus was told. BHS Counselor Jenny Williams was quickly found though, moving boxes.

With renovations funded by a February 2005 bond issue about halfway through its three-year schedule at Brownwood High, students and staff are poised to make their biggest transition to date.

Effective Monday, administration offices will be relocated from their Slayden Street entrance to the former technology area off 10th Street, across from First United Methodist Church. The circle drop-off drive and adjacent parking will be blocked at the street so builders can move in.

BHS Principal Bill Faircloth said students may be dropped off and picked up in the parking area off 10th Street, as well as in the gymnasium area, a site many students and parents currently use. Buses are already stopping along the 10th Street curb to load and unload passengers.

Students can walk from the 10th Street parking lot to the student center and classrooms along a paved drive.

“The new administration office will be moving to the 700 building,” Faircloth said. Workers have been busy preparing a block of offices in the former technology area to house the principal’s office, attendance office, registrar and counselors.

Assistant principals will be moving to new locations in the 400 section of the high school, near the science classes.

“All the students, faculty and staff have been just tremendous throughout this construction,” Faircloth said Thursday. “Of course, kids are the most flexible people in the world. Actually, after a year and a half, this is almost normal for us. But if anyone has any questions about the changes, please give us a call at 646-9549.”

The entrance to the new administrative office complex will be marked with a maroon sign, and visitors unfamiliar with the campus can find it by going to the 10th Street parking lot and looking for a glass door with glass windows around it.

“All the administration at the high school will be moved out, hopefully by the end of the day Friday,” Assistant Superintendent Kevin Gabaree said. “This will be the most difficult, or at least the biggest, move we’ve had here.”

The relocation is only temporary while contractors rebuild the area on the high school building where the offices are now located. The offices will remain at this location for at least nine months while improvements are made to the administrative area, front entrance and front parking lot. Vehicle access to the front of the building off 10th Street will be added, and the distinctive facade that is being used as a visual theme for the design of the school — seen on the recently completed cafeteria — will take shape.