Methamphetamine dealer, or addict whose controlling boyfriend was the real drug dealer? Those were the conflicting images of a 32-year-old mother of three the prosecution and defense are seeking to portray.

Shelly Trowbridge is standing trial in 35th District Court for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.

The jury trial began Monday, and Assistant District Attorney Sam Moss and defense attorney Sam Mahaffey have rested their cases.

Moss was putting on the state’s rebuttal case late Wednesday afternoon.

Trowbridge’s boyfriend and codefendant, Kerry Smith, 48, pleaded guilty last week in two drug cases and was sentenced by District Judge Steve Ellis to 20 years in prison.

Trowbridge and Smith were arrested after a traffic stop March 4, 2006, near Lake Brownwood. Deputies found more than 50 grams of cocaine in their vehicle, testimony showed.

The prosecution contends that the two had been to Abilene earlier that day and bought methamphetamine. Trowbridge lived with Smith in a home that had surveillance equipment and police scanners, and the two were equally guilty of being drug dealers, the state argued.

The defense has maintained that Trowbridge accompanied Smith to Abilene before they were arrested because she wanted to go to a store to buy clothes for her mother’s funeral. Mahaffey has acknowledged that Trowbridge is addicted to methamphetamine, but has tried to convince jurors she knew nothing of the drugs in Smith’s vehicle — in which Trowbridge was a passenger — when that vehicle was stopped.

Mahaffey asked Trowbridge’s stepfather, Rocky Trowbridge, if it seemed his stepdaughter was high “even now.”

“More so (Tuesday) than (Wednesday),” Rocky Trow-bridge replied.

Moss, meanwhile, filed a document in court Tuesday giving notice of the state’s “intent to offer evidence of prior convictions and extraneous offenses.”

Moss alleged in the document that on Monday, Trowbridge “was under the influence of a controlled substance and/or alcohol.”

Moss also alleged in the document that Trowbridge “was stopped (Monday) by DPS Trooper Martin Molotsky and (Trowbridge) was nude.”

Trowbridge was also arrested in 2002 on a drug charge after a traffic stop, testimony showed.