A drug-related arrest, an unsuccessful search for a wanted man and the discovery of drug paraphernalia were among recent activities of the sheriff’s office’s Criminal Interdiction Unit.

Deputy Pete Bastardo and investigator Carlyle Gover were on a stakeout in the 1500 block of Terrace around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday after getting a tip about a wanted person, Gover’s report states.

The wanted man’s 17-year-old son, holding a baby, answered Bastardo’s knock. Bastardo told the teen the name of the man they sought.

“I don’t know who that is,” the teen said, identifying himself to Bastardo and Gover by a name they learned later was false.

The teen locked the door, and the deputies continued to watch the apartment. The teen came outside and walked away, staying close to the back of each apartment. He began running when he saw Gover following him, the report states.

Gover chased him, yelling “stop, police,” and closed the distance, but hit two metal clotheslines with his neck. He fell forward about 15 feet and landed on a concrete tab, injuring his elbow and thumb.

Gover lost sight of the teen and met up with Bastardo, and the two could not find the teen. The injury to Gover’s neck made it hard to swallow, and he went to the emergency room to have his injuries treated.

In an unrelated case Thursday afternoon, Bastardo and Gover made a traffic stop at Austin and Avenue A. Gover told a female passenger in the vehicle she was associated with known narcotics users and traffickers and that he had seen such people leaving her residence in the past.

She told the deputies they could search her apartment in the 1500 block of Terrace and was driven there. Several people, including the woman’s three children, were in the apartment, and the woman escorted the deputies to her bedroom and allowed them to search, Gover’s report states.

Gover opened a chest of drawers and saw a syringe and tablespoon, and she said the items weren’t hers. The deputies were told the items belonged to a man and woman who’d entered her bedroom and locked the door.

Thursday night, Bastardo and Gover made a traffic stop in the 700 block of West Commerce. The driver, Antonio Lopez, 34, of Brownwood, allowed the deputies to search him and his vehicle. The deputies found marijuana and arrested Lopez on a charge of possession of marijuana under 2 ounces, Bastardo’s report states.

Lopez told Bastardo he had previously arrested in a federal park for having 65 kilos of marijuana and had served federal time, and has smoked marijuana most of his life, Bastardo’s report states.

In other incidents:

• Brownwood officer Scotty Burke witnessed a minor accident Thursday at Austin and Main. Burke arrested one of the drivers, Melissa Sawyer, 48, of Brownwood on charges of driving with an invalid license, failure to maintain financial responsibility and possession of a controlled substance, Burke’s report states.

The woman had five pills identified as Xanex.

• A man and a woman ate at Gomez Restaurant and left without paying a $23 bill.

• Someone took a TV, an xBox, and a laptop computer from a home in the 600 block of Beaver.