Brown County Commissioners have approved the purchase of five new computers for the Justices of the Peace office.

Jim Cavanaugh, justice for Precinct One, presented a proposal for the purchase to commissioners in a special called meeting Monday. Bertrand Technology Supply can deliver and install the computers, and transfer all of the records, Cavanaugh said.

The quoted price is $7,500, and money for the purchase will come from the Justices’ Court Technology Fund, which Cavanaugh explained after the meeting is a fund accrued for such things as computers. One dollar of every ticket issued and paid in the county is deposited into the fund.

Brown County Judge Ray West asked Cavanaugh how much was in the fund, and Cavanaugh said, “Currently, about $50,000.”

Monday’s agenda also included a discussion regarding “NetData” collections, which Cavanaugh asked be tabled until a later date.

“It’s a collection agency that will collect unpaid and delinquent fines,” Cavanaugh said. “But NetData adds 30 percent to the cost of each fine. In these tough economic times, we, the four justices, just don’t feel like people can handle the additional amount. We’re going to wait, and we may bring the item back up for discussion at a later time.”