Coffey Anderson, the Bangs native who gained a national following after appearances on “American Idol” and “Nashville Star,” is breaking new ground in the entertainment industry.

“The recording industry may be strugging, but the music business is thriving,” Anderson said last week on a visit to Brown County to see his father, Stanley Anderson of Bangs, and renew acquaintances.

Internet technology is making that possible, Anderson said, and he is making the most of it by producing live music for his fans from his home studio in California, and then receiving immediate feedback from them.

“Billboard magazine interviewed me about my ‘on demand’ downloads,” Anderson said. “And I invented the $20 song. It gives you a lot of control.”

He is featured on,a Web-based service that offers live video streaming of a variety of events and creative programs.

The singer-songwriter achieved another first on Nov. 19 when he appeared on the Praise the Lord program broadcast on the Trinity Broadcast Network.

“In 31 years, they never did allow singers to play music live,” Anderson said. “It was always recorded, and the singer would sing to that recorded music. I was going to play three songs, and I wanted to play guitar live.”

At first, the producers wouldn’t agree, but after the daughter of one of the show’s principals – and a Coffey fan – intervened, Anderson became the first performer on the show to sing to live accompaniment.

Anderson also said he has a promotional contract now with Taylor guitars of El Cajon, Calif., and he plays that brand exclusively.

Anderson continues his music ministry with his Los Angeles church, and his growing popularity allows him to be more selective with his tour dates.

“It was crazy for a while,” Anderson said. “There were some months when I was on the road for 21 days. Once I did 13 performances in a 12-day span. People don’t realize that’s the tough part of doing this. But I like meeting people. If someone is going to pay their money to see me perform, I want them to know I appreciate that.”

Anderson was in Texas on business – he performed Tuesday for a meeting of approximately 150 members of Austin Young Professionals.

After returning to Los Angeles, Anderson will perform at a ceremony at the Galen Center at the University of Southern California where 7,000 bicycles will be handed out to children from financially struggling families.

He will also perform in Chicago on New Year’s Eve.