DALLAS — Nine-year-old fourth grader Sydny Helbert of Bangs attended this year’s National Young Scholars Program.

This summer, high-achieving elementary school students took part in the National Young Scholars Program (NYSP). Held at either the Westin Stonebrier in Dallas or Schreiner University in Kerrville, NYSP inspires outstanding fourth, fifth and sixth grade students to explore, invent, learn and think creatively.

“The National Young Scholars Program provides students with the oportunity to engage in hands-on interactive learning, while challenging them in an intellectually stimulating environment outside of the regular classroom,” said Dr. Donna Snyder, a former classroom teacher, elementary school principal and university professor, who designed the program’s curriculum.

Activities such as developing an ecosystem environment; writing, illustrating and dramatizing an original Greek work or piece of literature; testing Newton’s laws of force and motion; and solving a “whodunit” through work in a model forensics lab are just a few highlights of the innovative curriculum.

Simulation activities and roleplays encourage scholars to develop their leadership skills, while introducing them to the concepts of team-building, decision-making, conflict-resolution and problem solving.