Chevrolet and Dodge are doing battle again, but this time it’s not on the NASCAR circuit.

Dealerships selling the two automotive brands in Brownwood are fighting for “bragging rights” as Bruner Chevrolet and Randolph Dodge collect donations for Toys for Kids, the Christmas program for Brown County families needing financial help.

“It’s a friendly competition where everybody wins,” Randolph’s general manager Dan Elliott said. “It’s part of a New Car Dealers Association event. This time it’s Dodge vs. Chevy. Who knows? Next time it might be Chevy vs. Ford.”

Jim Stanley, Elliott’s counterpart at Bruner Chevrolet, said the idea for the contest developed this week, and has really taken off.

“Dan and I were talking, and we decided to put it together,” Stanley said. “I wish we had started sooner. Our employees, our customers and other people just walking in are bringing toys and cash donations. We have signs up at the service entrance trying to encourage people to donate. Everyone is actively doing something to help.”

Stanley added that the friendly contest is part of the dealers’ association effort to encourage area residents to support their community, which also includes buying their vehicles in Brownwood.

Pickups are prominently placed in each of the dealers’ showrooms, and donations are being displayed in their beds.

“We’ve got a Christmas-red pickup where all the toys are being placed,” Stanley said.

“The race is on,” Elliott said. “The dealer with the most donations will have the bragging rights.”

The Toys for Kids distribution is Saturday, and the dealers have been asked to wrap up their contest by this evening. But Elliott hopes the deadline will be extended. In case that isn’t possible, donors should bring their toys and cash donations by today — to the dealer of their choice.

“The response has been really good,” Elliott said Wednesday afternoon.

“People have been coming in with donations all day. You need to come by and see our truck. It’s got lights, and it’s all dressed up for Christmas.”