BANGS — First-term Bangs City Council member Steve Whittenberg is scheduled to be sworn in as the city’s mayor at 11 this morning, and Ricky Minica, the city’s only full-time police officer will be sworn in as police chief.

Whittenberg’s fellow council members selected him Tuesday to hold the mayor’s seat until May’s municipal election. At their next council meeting, the council will appoint someone to fill Whittenberg’s vacated seat, councilwoman Marisa Craddock said.

Whittenberg replaces Carrol Wells, who resigned Oct. 29 after 18 months in office.

In April, the City Council approved a budget that eliminated funding for then-Police Chief Don Carmack’s job. In the absence of a police chief, the force has had one full-time officer — Minica — and two part-time officers, Craddock said.

She said Minica will continue as the only full-time officer. She said he will get a pay raise but won’t be paid as much as Carmack.