1. Why do you want to serve on the school board?

2. What do you see as the single most important challenge the trustees will face in the coming year and how do you propose to deal with it?

3. In an era of tight budgets, what specific ideas do you have for helping the district do more with less?

4. How do you envision the role of a school board member in representing the city as a whole?

5. What pertinent skills would you bring to the position and what has been your recent involvement in community and municipal activities?


1. I sincerely believe it is my duty to give back to society and be a positive role model to the people where I live. I am proud to be a part of Bangs and as a school board member I will be a voice for itís people. I am a good listener, well-educated, informed and principled. I take my responsibilities seriously and can make wise decisions which promote student education. I want to be part of a team which causes young families to want to move to Bangs because the school system is outstanding.

2. The most important challenge the school board has is educating the children of Bangs within the bounds of federal mandates and budget constraints. I strongly believe in academics. However, we need a well-balanced extracurricular program containing both academics and athletics; an open forum for teachers to present issues; and we should begin discussions on early learning centers which prepare the young children of Bangs for school. Today, security is an issue in schools across the nation, Bangs included. BISD needs to work with the city to determine the best, most economical measures possible to assure our students are safe.

3. Use common sense in spending, apply for educational grants, and say no to specific items if necessary. Sometimes this means stepping back and determining what is best for the overall education of all Bangs students and the community at large. Other times spending must be visionary and represent the future of Bangs. School spending that does not follow a vision, supported by the community, or spending which does not further student education will frustrate the taxpayers without improving education.

4. A school board memberís role is to act as a representative for the students, teachers, parents, community, and administrators in the area of education. The school board should work as a team to adopt a vision for education based on the beliefs of the community, and then establish a structure to carry out this vision. A school board member should show strong commitment to this vision, and let it guide decision making and communication to others.

5. I have a broad background of experience and knowledge. I taught high school math and chemistry for more than 12 years and served on several district wide committees. I trained and showed horses, owned and operated a computer software company, have a MA in Education from UT Permian Basin and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Louisiana State University. I am currently the Department Head of Physical Sciences at Howard Payne University, where I also teach chemistry and astronomy. In 2006, I was privileged to be the outstanding faculty member of the year.


Thereís a great deal of unfinished business at BISD and I would like to think I could aid in seeing it through. I feel my 35 years involved in the school business would help in completing the building process, selection of the new superintendent and most importantly the continuing education of our kids.

A school board member is the trustee of the publicís money and vision for the future of education. I will not put personal interest before the needs of the community.


1. I care about Bangs and Bangs schools. I have lived here most of my life. When my two grandchildren graduate in four and six years, we will have graduated four generations from Bangs (my mother, myself and my two children.) Being a former teacher and coach, I feel like I can relate to teachers in the classroom. I want to see all campuses receive exemplary ratings and see us continue to excel in athletics. I would like to see us have well-rounded activities (academics or athletics) for any child who is interested.

2. The most obvious issue facing the board next year is the hiring of a new superintendent. That may be one of the most important decisions the board ever has to make. The current expansion projects should also be completed within the next year. Bangs schools have grown over the years because of its high academic standards. We should do whatever is necessary to see that continue. Any decision I make would be what I think is in the best interest of the school and the taxpayers. I want to be a voice for all people.

3. As a taxpayer, I donít like paying taxes anymore than anyone else. After the current expansion is completed, we should have what we need. I canít see a reason for any excess spending being necessary other than normal operating expenses. Any decision to spend taxpayersí money should be considered carefully. Board members represent those who voted for them, and should always remember that. Unlike politicians who like to spend other peoplesí money, it is not the boards job to waste taxpayer money.

4. Any small town is only as strong and growth oriented as its school system. The school, city and business association need to work together to bring new businesses and people to Bangs. As a board member, you always represent the school, but you should always represent the city as well. A board member should strive to see that the very best teachers are hired. Teachers should be hired not only for their academic qualifications, but also for character and integrity as well. They should be good citizens within the community.

5. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Education and Physical Education from Howard Payne University. Besides having been a teacher and coach, I now have over thirty years experience in the business world, a lot of which has been spent in ďcorporate America.Ē I am the former owner-editor of Abundant News, a small paper for Bangs and Lake Brownwood, which my wife and I operated for a couple of years. I also spent four years as a childrenís pastor. I have two children and six grandchildren, so I feel I can relate to children as well as teachers.


1. I want to serve on the Bangs School Board because I feel that I can be an asset to the board and the community when it comes to matters that are brought forth. I have a child in the 9th grade and a soon-to-be kindergartner in the school district, so I have a personal interest in what goes on at BISD. I know I can provide the input and support needed for any issues that may face our students, faculty and community.

2. The biggest challenge facing the Bangs School Board will be the selection of a Superintendent. If elected, I intend to make sure that the candidate selected shares our small town values and places the education and discipline of our students ahead of any personal agenda.

3. I have been employed with the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railroad for 23 years, having served in many different functions and faced with several challenges along the way. In working for a major industry, I have learned that multi-tasking and in-depth research is a good start to controlled spending. We must bring all departments of the school district together and work as a team to decide on what is really needed and/or necessary.

We need to take a serious look at all mandated spending that could be cut without affecting the highest quality education of our children.

4. I envision the roll of a school board member as serving the community by working with other board members in making decisions that support our faculty and students in setting high standards for our school district and making sure that each student has an opportunity to meet those standards.

By taking an active interest in the success of our students, I have been involved in the community, attending school functions, as well as helping out at many of those functions, and being open to the community as a whole.

I believe in strong family values and want to be a good role model that leads by example.

5. Iím a member of St. Maryís Catholic Church and have lived in Brown County for 22 years, with my wife Mechelle. Iíve served as Vice President of the Bangs Sports Association for 6 years, and have coached for 10 years. My goals were to control spending and bring a zero budget to an amount that enabled us to get the proper equipment needed and to upkeep the facilities.

I worked with the city council in getting needed improvements on the baseball fields. I was instrumental in establishing a scholarship fund for the Bangs youth that have participated in BSA sports.


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