New voter registration cards must in the mail by Dec. 5 to conform to state law, so several thousand voters whose names appear on the “suspense list” in the Brown County Elections Administra-tor’s office will be purged at the end of this week.

“Right now we have 3,322 voters on that suspense list,” county elections administrator Suzy Young said Monday. “Not all of those will purge, but the majority will.”

Due to the volume — more than 24,000 voters are registered in Brown County — the cards may be received for several days after the deadline, Young said, although some will be delivered sooner. The mail-out is being handled by a contractor in Carrollton.

“Any voter who on the suspense list will not receive a card until they have contacted our office and made the proper changes to their voter record,” Young said. “Remember, many of those suspense voters will purge on Friday, which means those voters will have to re-register.”

Young urged any county resident who was registered at one time but has not voted recently to check with the elections office in the Coliseum Annex before Friday morning. Doing so could mean the restoration of voting registration. Failure to do so may mean the voter will need to register again. She said the purge will probably be done Friday afternoon.

“So for those voters who intend to vote next year might want to check their voter status if they are not sure what it is or if they do not remember getting a yellow and white card two years ago,” Young said. “The cards for the next two years will be orange and white.”

Young said the office has also had some problems in the past with the “return service requested” that is printed on the card, asking the post office to send cards with the wrong address back to the election administrator’s office. Voters need to keep their cards to take to the polls for voting, and not return them.

Meanwhile, candidates wanting a place on the primary election ballot will be allowed to file beginning next Monday. The filing period runs from Dec. 3 through Jan. 2, 2008.

Early voting in the March 4 primary elections will run from Feb. 19 through 29. Any runoffs resulting from the primary elections will be held April 8.

The deadline to register to vote in the March primary elections is Feb. 4, 2008.