Easy Rider? Evel Knievel? Kid Rock?

None of the above. Just Bob Turner, principal of Woodland Heights Elementary School, boasting blue hair, sunglasses, torn jeans and an all-around scruffy look when he showed up at school Friday aboard a cruiser-style motorcycle.

Shouting and cheering, the entire student body and staff lined the front drive, and a sound system pumped out high-energy music as Turner brought the Yamaha 250 to a halt and dismounted.

Because it was Red Ribbon Week, and the culmination of the prizes for the school’s PTO fund-raiser, the school combined both events. Teachers and students were asked to “rock against drugs” and dress like rock stars.

The fund-raising portion of the event came from the school’s exceeding its fund-raising goal by selling over 5,000 “rocks” and raising more than $25,000 that will go directly to the school.

The rocks are similar to the Muscular Dystrophy and Children's Miracle Network that sell hot air balloons and shamrocks, Turner said.

The rocks, which sold for $5 each, hung in the school with the donors’ names.

After Turner arrived on the motorcycle, he led a parade around a portion of the school grounds. Later, the top fund-raising students were treated to a limousine ride to McDonald’s.

Turner said the PTO organized the event. He turned his hair blue by putting “stuff” in it, and the motorcycle belongs to his son, Steve, a sophomore.

“He didn’t have any choice,” Turner said when asked if his son minded his dad taking his motorcycle.

But Turner said he isn’t going to keep it. He prefers his car — “it has a cup holder,” he said.

He said he had fun riding up to the cheers of his students and staff. “I’m not usually a rock star so it was a little different. Usually adulation is not what they’re yelling at me,” he said.