Special to the Bulletin

Bobby Grubbs has filed for re-election for a second term as Sheriff of Brown County. Sheriff Grubbs was with the Texas Department of Public Safety for 34 years, 19 as a Texas Ranger. He will run as a Republican and asks the citizens of Brown County to look closely at his accomplishments during his first term.

I believe in enforcement that makes a difference, Grubbs said. I take my oath and our responsibilities to the public and the law seriously. If Brown County is a safer place to live, businesses can grow and citizens can feel better about their community. Its important to me because its important to all of us and I want to do my best to bring safety, protection and service to our citizens. Brown County needs law enforcement that is professional and focused and engaged in serving the community.

In my first campaign, I made a number of commitments about enhancing our level of service. I kept my promises and completely reorganized the Sheriffs Office to address our crime problems strategically and I want to continue the work we began. I promised we would be open and transparent to the public and the Commissioners Court. I promised more visible patrols and strategic enforcement on career criminals and sex offenders. If you look closely at the problems facing Brown County, we have a drug problem that fuels the great majority of our crimes. I promised we would prioritize drug enforcement because this reduces the many collateral crimes committed by drug offenders. If we want to reduce the crime, we must go after the roots of the problem and, if we have our priorities in order, we must go after drug offenders. Since taking office, our officers have presented over 350 felony drug cases to federal and state grand juries and we have made a great impact on the drug problem. I have also prioritized investigations on sex offenders and crimes against children and the elderly. We have enhanced the level of investigative and tactical training received by our officers and we are clearing more crimes than ever before and our efforts are reducing crime.

I have worked hard to keep my promises to our citizens. Every day, I try to remind myself of my responsibility to our citizens to enforce the law toughly and fairly. I have an outstanding group of officers and support people who believe in what we are doing. Keeping promises is a matter of public trust and personal integrity, and I will continue to keep my promises as long as I am allowed.