Despite 3M’s company-wide cuts of some 2,300 positions this quarter, 3M-Brownwood is not expecting to reduce its work force.

“The quarter’s almost over with,” said Dean Mill, plant manager at Brownwood, “and we have not made cuts, and don’t expect to now.”

The 3M-Brownwood plant employs about 600 people.

Mill said because much of the products produced at 3M-Brownwood are signs for highways, there is an annual slowdown during the winter months because the winter weather can halt highway production in most northern states.

“Every year, business moves down a notch,” Mill said. “This year it’s been lighter than it has in some years past.”

Still, during the next two weeks, several operations at the Brownwood plant will shut down, as they have routinely been the past several years around the end of the year.

“Generally, employees plan for these shut downs and take vacations during those times. We are watching the situation all the time. As our volumes increase and decrease, we adjust the work flow accordingly, just as we always have.”

The fourth-quarter layoffs from throughout the company represent about 3 percent of 3M’s workforce. According to a company release, 3M has shut down 18 of its plants in the last 18 months.

Brownwood’s plant, however, is planning to undergo an multimillion dollar renovation project, and in November was nominated as a Texas Enterprise Project by the Brownwood City Council, enabling the plant to take advantage of state tax incentives.

The local plant manufactures reflecting sheeting for highway road signs and license plates.